All About Relx Pod Systems

The Relx Pod is a mouthwatering healthy electronic cigarette that comes with three kinds of add-ons. The most basic one is the pre_filled system that gives you the best value for your money and will not leave you disappointed. The two other systems that come with the Relx are the pods, which will give you more choices and save you money. The most advanced system in this category is the Benefi Easyfill System.

relx pod

The RELX uses honeycomb hexagonal core technology for a perfect balance between vapor production and flavor. The RELX only requires two buttons to activate it and is therefore automatically turned on when you inhale deeply. The other three pods are NOT compatible with this device and must be bought separately.

The main disadvantage of the RELX Pod is its low battery. It can last for about an hour and there is a maximum of about 5 hours of battery life. So, if you have a long commute and need a quick hit while on the road, this may not be the right choice for you. When you purchase this product, make sure you buy a charger or a recharging system that comes with it. This kind of battery life is perfect for people who like to have constant access to their favorite flavor of e-liquid while traveling.

The other option is the Benefi Easyfill system, which comes with a matching pre-filled e-juice pack and a battery charger. The Easyfill allows you to fill your own bottles from your own e-liquid stash, and there is a built-in alarm so that you can remind yourself to refills as needed. This kit is more expensive than the relx pod, but it also allows you to choose between a glass tank and plastic tank, so you have a little bit more freedom in deciding how your liquid will taste with each specific flavor. The kit comes with a bottle for you to try and a small glass for each flavor.

You can also purchase flavors from the Benefit Shop E Liquid Store, which offers four pre-filled pods for you to choose from. The variety includes fruit and tobacco flavours, including some that are not available in the benefit shop (such as blueberry). This kit is a good value if you prefer to buy your own e-liquid and try several different blends at home before buying the one you really want. This kit can be used indefinitely and comes with a refillable bottle bag for you to reuse.

Many people find that they prefer the convenience of the relx pod systems over the ones that use batteries. The benefit of these devices is that they allow you to have a portable, rechargeable device that never needs to be plugged into any wall outlet or thrown away after use. Instead, all the power in the world will last you for up to an hour, depending on how many times you charge it. They also are easier to clean up than battery operated devices because everything is enclosed in a small, reusable shell, meaning no suction cups or cords to deal with. Also, these devices do not emit any smoke or odors, so you don’t have to worry about those things either.

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