RELX Pod System Review – Why Buy A Relx Pod Kit?

The RELX pod and kit are one of the newest electronic cigarette products on the market today and it has received great reviews from the start. The reason the RELX pod has received such rave reviews is because it allows you to use your e cigarettes wherever you are at home, at work, or even while on the go. So now the question becomes, is the RELX pod a good product for you? Here is a closer look at the Relx pod and what it offers the consumer.

The RELX pod consists of a rechargeable battery, a pre-filled micro USB adapter, two tanks, and a vaporizer/bowl. The battery is the only device in the entire kit at this time or at least that is they are 100 percent focused on developing a product to do exactly that and getting new smokers on board. The batteries have a very long shelf life and will never cause any harm to your health. The battery itself is a standard size which holds up well to repeated use, so no need to worry about replacement. The pods themselves also have very long shelf lives and are very easy to use.


The two tanks are included with the pod system. One tank has a flavor of your choosing and then there is a reserve tank to help hold the flavor until you get to your next refill. In my experience, I have had better flavors come out of the reserve tank than from the flavor of the actual pod. The flavour of the pods themselves are really great, but I suppose that could change if you are a more advanced vaper. For a casual user, the two tanks and two refillable pods in the kit are exactly what you need.

The kit comes with some beautiful colored glass beads that match the wood grain on the pod and the blanks that the wood comes pre-drilled for. This is one of the things that really makes the difference between these and the brands that cost much more. You can add your own personal flavour to them or you can choose the standard flavour. The kit has an instructional DVD with detailed instructions for each individual flavour.

The two tank allows you to have two pre-filled pods on hand so you don’t have to keep refilling a new one as you go. You can also put the pre-filled pod into the tank and then put the new oil into the reservoir and start heating it up. With the pre-filled pods, you can always go back to the original flavoring if you are in a hurry or have changed minds and want to try something else.

All in all, I think the Mint flavour in the kit is probably my favourite. It gives a nice smooth clean taste and helps you concentrate. Most of the other flavours I’ve tried are either too strong or astringent for my tastes. The pods are definitely well suited to certain situations such as a weekend afternoon or a long car trip. They also come in really handy when you want to share with friends and they make a great party mix!

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