The Only Modular Electronic Cigarette on the Market That Accurately Assess Your Battery Life and Holds Thousands of Watts

投稿者: | 4月 25, 2021

The VapeCiga Uwell Acrylic Modular Electric Vaporizer is equipped with a unique voltage control. It is a one hundred percent variable voltage modulator. This means that it will adapt to the power you put into it, and not waste power by shutting down until the coils are completely warm. This is ideal for normal to low wattage vaporizer users. It’s also a very safe mode because of the temperature range it operates at. It has two extra batteries included so if you ever run out of charge the manufacturer will give you an extended warranty.

vapeciga caliburn vape

One thing I love about this machine is how well it integrates the actual device into my lifestyle. I’m always on the go, and I don’t want to carry a bunch of different devices around with me. The Uwell utilizes a USB connector, so it is very easy to use. Even with the extra batteries included, I can still use the Uwell Crown 2.5-inch rebuildable coil box in place of the Ohm 2021 coils that come with the original Vaporizers.

The vapor experience with the Uwell Crown 2.5-inch rebuildable coil box is extremely smooth. The airflow is very efficient. I feel like all of the components are working together and getting the job done. It’s powerful compared to other systems but not as much as the other units I’ve smoked. There is no taste or odor when smoking with this mod. Only a slight tickle at the tip top when you first fire it up.

This awesome vaporizer from VapeCiga definitely makes it easy for me to get the fruit flavor I crave. It comes with three different settings: low, medium, and high. The build quality on this unit is excellent as well. There is not a lot of give when using the Uwell Iron Fist. The heat regulation is a little wonky, but I’m used to that from the Uwell sonicraving mod and it doesn’t effect the Iron Fist at all. I personally feel that the mod is a bit overrated compared to the other two, but hey, it’s my money, which is why I’m reviewing these.

I think it’s great that VapeCiga gave me the option to adjust the wattage to whatever level I wanted. When using the mod at max, I only needed to turn the adjustment up to about two hundred and fifty. There is a huge range of wattage available on the VapeCiga Caliburn, ranging from two hundred to one thousand. It’s also possible to increase or decrease the temperature of the coils. It has a built in safety feature that allows you to double coil your coils. If you have ever burnt your fingers on a hot coil, this is a great feature.

The bottom line with the Caliburn is that it’s got a great design. The vapor production is great and I always get a nice amount of throat hit from this. Best of all, the mod is extremely compact and lightweight. The only thing that could make it better would be if there was a way to add a second battery. Since the Uwell Sonicraving is a bit too bulky for a single coil mode, and the two large batteries that come with the Caliburn are smaller than the Uwell Sonicraving, I guess that could be done…

The mod works with a very easy to use vapor system. The one thing I wish they had included with the unit is a tank like what you would find on an electronic Cigarette. The problem with most tank systems is that they are so small that it’s hard to get a hit. It’s easy to press down on the side of the glass tube and get a hit, but since you have to keep hitting the side of the tube, this can get kind of tedious. The vapeciga caliber has such an easily accessible and practical side-fill tank.

The entire unit feels good in my hands. It’s not too big and bulky like some other systems. It doesn’t feel like you have to hold on to a lot of hose or handle. The buttons are all located conveniently in the center top of the mod. There is also a really nice and bright red power light which glows a good bit to help out with your mod.

The battery life on the Vapeciga CALIBurn is extremely impressive. I was able to charge my phone and have internet access all day while I was using the mod. The mod has a very accurate assessment of your current wattage and will give you accurate measured power in the tanks. The actual battery life of the mod is only 2 hours 20 minutes. This isn’t bad at all for it’s smaller design.

In conclusion, the Vapeciga CALIBurn RDA is an amazing kit to utilize with your new electric device. The kit includes a beautifully designed mod, a wonderful battery life and the Ni200 atomizer that are built specifically for the RDA. The manufacturer specifications are extremely precise and easy to follow. There are plenty of customer testimonials so you can clearly see why this is one of the most popular RDA’s on the market today.


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